lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2019

Fotos para la historia.-

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  1. No recuerdo el incidente ¿alguna ayuda? Gracias.

  2. Esto es lo que pone en la Wikipedia:

    Wreck of an EA-6B Prowler after it crashed during a night landing, 1981

    U.S. Navy - U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation photo No. 1996.488.210.135

    View of the flight deck of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier after the crash of a Grumman EA-6B Prowler (BuNo 159910) from Marine Eletronic Attack Squadron VMAQ-2 Det.Y "Playboys". The aircraft was fuel-critical after a "bolter" at night and reportedly applied power during the following landing attempt when it suddenly drifted to the right, running into parked aircraft, causing ammunition to explode and starting numerous fires. 3 crewmen and 11 deck personnel were killed, 48 injured. The subsequent fire and explosions destroyed or damaged eleven other aircraft (ca. 100 million US $ damage). The crash sparked a 5-month debate between Representative Joseph Addabo (D-NY) and the U.S. Navy over whether drug use on board the carrier may have contributed to the crash. Despite being uninvolved with the operation of the aircraft or cause of the accident, the focus turned to testing conducted during autopsies which found that several members of the flight deck crew tested positive for marijuana. Although unclear how it would have affected this incident, U.S. President Ronald Reagan instituted a "Zero Tolerance" drug policy across all of the armed services, which started the mandatory drug testing of all U.S. service personnel.


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